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What is the net worth of the voluntary sector?

The aggregate balance sheet shows the value of cash, property and investments organisations hold, taking into account loans and other debt to provide a snapshot of the total net worth of the sector. Many organisations hold assets to use in their work or to generate income. The sector’s assets are worth £123.4 billion. What organisations own is set against what they owe to creditors, or liabilities. Net assets represent the net worth of the sector and are equal to total funds. When liabilities of £18.6 billion are subtracted from total assets, the sector’s total funds are worth a net £104.8 billion.

Voluntary sector assets and liabilities, 2011/12 (£ billions)
A diagram showing that net assets equal fixed assets plus current assets minus short-term and long term liabilties, and a bar chart showing that voluntary sector total current assets were £23.9bn, fixed assets were £99.5bn, and total liabilities were £-18.6bn

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UK Civil Society Almanac 2014 / The Voluntary Sector /Assets

Published: 04-04-2014