Highlights In 2015/16 the voluntary sector’s total spending amounted to £46.5bn, which is an increase of £2.6bn from 2014/15. The sector spends 97% of its income. Since 2014/15, spending on charitable activities has increased by 8%, which is partly due to organisations now reporting governance costs as part of the charitable activities. Spending was highest […]

Raising funds

Highlights Since 2000/01, spending on raising funds has increased slowly, both in terms of total amount and as a proportion of total spending. Super major organisations spent the largest proportion on investment management (18%) followed by the small and micro organisations (13%). The research (23%), environment (19%), health (18%), and culture and recreation (18%) subsectors […]

Grant making

Highlights Over 25,000 organisations spend money on making grants, representing 17% of the sector. The amount spent on grant making (£6.5bn) has remained stable since last year. The ten largest grant-makers account for 30% of all grants made. Super-major organisations spend the most on grants, both in monetary terms (£2.1bn) and as a proportion of […]