About the datastore

Welcome to the Voluntary Sector Datastore, a place where we are hoping to bring together – or should that be curate? – data held and collected by voluntary and community organisations.

We’ve been thinking about #opendata for a long time. We’re influenced by initiatives such as the London Data Store and data.gov.uk, whilst Lucy Bernholtz‘s work on Disruptive Philanthropy is also a big influence on us. Essentially, we’d like to see the sector match government in opening up what we’ve got so that society as a whole can realise the benefits of sharing and mashing data together and then visualising it. This space is our toe in the water to start pulling that together.

We are going to start the ball rolling by putting up some of the data that we’ve collected or produced that we think has public value. This includes our categorisation of charities in England and Wales using the ICNPO classification system. It’s not huge amounts, but it’s a start. Subject to the usual challenges of agreeing licences and so on we hope to add to this with data on charitable giving. We know about government survey data in different places that might be inaccessible – I’d like to think that over time we can pull that together in this space.

So, this is a bit of an experiment: for us (we aren’t techies); for NCVO; for the sector perhaps? I hope you can join us, whether in terms of shaping the conversation, identifying and adding data, or maybe thinking about where we could go with such a space (which at the moment is very simple).

Karl WildingDave Kane and Jenny Clark

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Published: 17-02-2012