A summary of the methodology for the UK Civil Society Almanac 2009, including details on how figures were produced for all areas of civil society and for social enterprise.

Methodological Notes

This edition of the Almanac is the second to focus on other parts of civil society, rather than just general charities. This edition builds on the work of the UK Civil Society Almanac 2008.

A variety of methods and data sources were used for each part, depending on the nature of the organisations and the availability of data.

We welcome feedback and discussion on all the methods used, and any further questions can also be directed to almanac@ncvo-vol.org.uk.

The following headings show extra information available on the methodology used. The basic methodology (pdf – 84KB) included in the Almanac publication is also available.

Social Enterprise Activity

Chapter 16 discusses social enterprise, and quantifies the extent of social enterprise activity. The social enterprise section (pdf – 140KB) discusses the reasons behind this and the way the figure was produced.

Other parts of civil society

The more detailed methodology (pdf – 107KB) gives an outline of the specific data sources and techniques used for the parts of civil society shown below:

  • Community interest companies
  • Co-operatives
  • Mutual organisations registered with the Financial Services Authority
  • Housing associations
  • Political parties
  • Trade unions
  • Universities

Data sources

Publishing the NCVO Civil Society Almanac would not have been possible without the kind assistance of the following organisations:

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UK Civil Society Almanac 2009 / Appendices

Published: 13-09-2013