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How many voluntary organisations are active in the UK?

There were over 161,000 active voluntary organisations in the UK in 2011/12. Active organisations are those that have submitted an annual return in the last 3 years. In the UK there are 2.5 voluntary organisations for every thousand people. This is equivalent to one voluntary organisation for every 395 people. This estimate does not include a large number of ‘below the radar’ informal groups that are not registered charities. The private sector is 30 times larger than the voluntary sector by number of entities, with just under 4.9 million enterprises (BIS 2013)[11a].

Number of UK voluntary organisations, 2011/12
How big?Micro
Less than
£10,000 to
£100,000 to
£1 million
£1 million to
£10 million
More than
£10 million
How many?82,39152,81521,2574,270533161,266

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UK Civil Society Almanac 2014 / The Voluntary Sector /The Big Picture

Published: 04-04-2014