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What are the sector’s different sources and types of income?

Typology of voluntary organisations’ income types and sources, 2011/12 (£ millions)
Donations and giftsFundraising tradingCharitable trading
Income freely given, usually as a grant or donation, for which little or no benefit is received by the donor.Gross fees for goods and services provided to generate fundsGross fees for goods and services that are provided as part of the charity's mission
The general public, excluding payments from charitable trusts set up by individualsIndividual donations (gross, including Gift Aid reclaimed); legacies; membership subscriptions without significant benefits.Fundraising by charities where benefit is received in return, charity shop turnover, sales of merchandise, raffles and lotteries, fees for fundraising eventsFees for services provided in pursuit of charitable objects; membership subscriptions with significant benefits; rent from property where providing accommodation is a charitable purpose.
Statutory sources2,560.370.311,026.113,656.7
Government and its agencies in the UK, the European Union and international governments.Funding grants; Grants to charitable intermediaries.Trading with public sector to raise fundsPublic sector fees; Payments for contracted services.
National Lottery
Grants from National Lottery distributors.
Voluntary sector2,379.381.7686.03,147.0
Charities such as trusts and grant-making foundations.Grants from charitable trusts; Grants distributed by charitable intermediaries.Trading with other charities to raise fundsServices provided under contract that are in line with the recipient charity's mission
Private sector933.0393.1496.31,822.4
Excluding payments from charitable foundations set up by businessesCorporate donations and gifts in kindCorporate sponsorship, Subcontracting, research, other services provided under contract
The proceeds generated from investments and cash balances.2.6%

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UK Civil Society Almanac 2014 / The Voluntary Sector /Income

Published: 04-04-2014