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About the Almanac

The Almanac, now in its 14th edition, provides facts and figures on the voluntary sector – particularly focusing on its economy, but also including relevant data on volunteering, workforce and others.

Bringing together data from charities’ accounts, administrative data and surveys, the Almanac shows a dynamic sector at the heart of UK civic life and covers areas such as income from individuals, the financial relationship with government, assets and loans.

The history of the Almanac, which was first published in 1996, gives us a long trend series to draw on, showing how the sector’s finances have shifted over time.

Unless otherwise stated we describe trends in real terms, adjusting for the impact of inflation. Most of our data refers to the financial year 2012/13, but this year we are also able to present some provisional data for 2013/14. Unless otherwise stated data refers to the whole of the UK.

The Almanac would not be possible without the contribution of the following people and organisations:

Almanac authors

  • David Kane
  • Véronique Jochum
  • Joy Dobbs
  • Maria Pikoula
  • Deborah James
  • Jennifer Crees
  • Nick Ockenden
  • Gareth Lloyd

The Almanac relies on the contribution and expertise of staff across NCVO.

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UK Civil Society Almanac 2015 / Almanac

Published: 08-06-2015