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Interactive visualisations of Almanac data

We are always exploring new ways to communicate Almanac data, such as our recent animated videos, available here for the 2016 edition.

Currently our charts (although downloadable) are mostly static, which limits the amount of information that we can include in any one graphic. Therefore here we have experimented with presenting some of the data in the form of two interactive visualisations that you can navigate to find and compare additional data at the regional and sub-sector levels.

Interactive visualisations also allow us to present financial information in new ways that can help explain patterns and flows in the data that are harder to convey in static visualisations. We have given some guidance on these visualisations in case you are interested, but the idea is for them to be mostly self-explanatory!

We hope you enjoy exploring them and would welcome feedback (, including suggestions of data you would be interested to see in a more interactive form. They have been a learning process for us but are something we would like to build on in the future where possible.

Visualisation 1: An overview of the voluntary sector

Visualisation 2: Flows of money in and out of the voluntary sector

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Published: 09-05-2017