Civil society organisations are major employers in the UK with an estimated 2.3 million people employed as paid staff. This is equivalent to 7% of the total UK workforce in 2014[1] – more than the workforce of the NHS, the UK’s single largest employer (1.5 million employees)[2], and same as for the construction industry (2.2 million employees)[1].

Within civil society, voluntary organisations are the largest employer, employing 880,600 people – more than one-third of the estimated civil society workforce.

Paid staff of civil society organisations (number of employees)

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Source: NCVO, various sources

Research into working patterns across different sectors suggests that civil society organisations are a vital source of flexible employment in the UK, with a higher proportion of the workforce employed on part-time contracts than in public and private sectors[3]. For instance, we know that in both general charities, and in sports clubs a high proportion of staff are part-time or sessional workers.

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