This site describes the voluntary sector in Bromley. The figures are based on data from the Charity Commission's Register of Charities in England and Wales. The figures are produced by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) in conjunction with South London CVS Partnership and Community Links Bromley. There are 833 registered charities active in Bromley, of which 548 operate at a local level.

It is also worth remembering that this analysis does not include those regional or national charities that are based outside of the borough but operate services within it. In an area such as Bromley which is closely linked to other parts of London, these charities might be expected to account for a significant amount of charitable expenditure in the borough. As accurate information on the exact locations of charitable spending is not available, the estimates presented here are likely to underestimate total charitable activity in the area.

What do we mean by the voluntary sector in Bromley?

To produce the data shown on this site we first had to define what we mean by the voluntary sector and Bromley. There are many ways that these terms could be defined, so we've included our definitions here for clarity.

The voluntary sector
We have used the same definition as in the UK Civil Society Almanac, known as the "general charities" definition. This definition takes all registered charities as a base, but excludes certain categories of charity to produce a tighter definition. The general charities definition excludes independent schools, faith charities, those controlled by government and others.
This definition includes general charities with a registered address in the London Borough of Bromley. Large national and international charities that are based in the area have been excluded from the definition, as their activities mainly take place outside the borough.

Applying these definitions to the 548 active local registered charities in Bromley, leaves 420 charities that meet our definition. The excluded charities include 2 independent schools and 107 charities that run places of worship.

About Open Data

The data presented here is available for others to use as open data. This means it is available in machine readable formats like CSV or XML (see "get the data" underneath every chart or table).

Some further reading on open data and what it means for the voluntary sector:

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