Assets and reserves

Highlights Assets The sector’s net assets are worth £121.3bn. 87% of assets are held by 3% of voluntary organisations. 57% of the sector’s funds are unrestricted. The net worth of the sector now stands at more than it was prior to the financial crisis. The sector’s reserves have increased by 5% since last year. Get […]


Highlights In 2015/16, the voluntary sector had total liabilities of £19.2bn of which 10% were pension liabilities. Liabilities have been increasing since 2012/13 but have not yet returned to the level they were at in 2011/12. The sector’s net pension deficit has increased from £1.5bn in 2010/11 to £2.0bn in 2015/16. Almost two-third (59%) of […]


Highlights The sector’s investment assets were collectively worth £91.9bn, generated £3.4bn worth of income and cost £0.5bn to manage in 2015/16. 86% of super-major organisations’ fixed assets are investment assets, compared to 62% for micro and small organisations. Since 2011/12, investment assets have increased slowly and return on investment has stayed stable. The return on […]