Income sources

  Overview Earned income accounts for over half of the sector’s total income Types of income Earned income totalled £24.8bn in 2015/16, accounting for over half (52%) of the sector’s total income in 2015/16. Voluntary income amounted to £19.6bn and investment income to £3.4bn. Sources of income The sector receives 79% of its funding from […]

Income from individuals

Highlights Individuals are the largest source of voluntary income, and account for almost half of the sector’s total income (£22.3bn out of £47.8bn). Earned income from individuals accounted for a quarter of the sector’s total income and over half of total income from individuals. Income from individuals continued to grow in 2015/16 and increased by […]

Income from government

Highlights The amount of income from government decreased slightly in 2015/16, after having increased over the previous two years. The proportion of total voluntary sector income coming from government has decreased, from 34% to 32%. Funding from central government has decreased while increasing for local government. The social services subsector continues to receive the largest […]