Executive summary

Sir Stuart Etherington Chief Executive, NCVO   Welcome to the NCVO UK Civil Society Almanac 2018, the essential resource for data, trends and insights on the sector. Whatever your reasons for reaching for this publication – whether you work for a charity, in finance, or are a researcher or a civil servant – I hope […]

Income and spending

Income Civil society organisations have an estimated combined annual income of £200.1bn Voluntary organisations make up the largest part of civil society in financial terms, accounting for the largest share of income with £47.8bn. Universities (£30.7bn), employee owned businesses (£30bn), and co-operatives (£23.9bn) are the other major sectors in terms of income. Largest organisations Spending […]

Size and scope

Overview There were 166,001 voluntary organisations in the UK in 2015/16 Our analysis of the sector is based on our “general charities” definition (see methodology) that allows comparison of figures from year to year. Under our definition there were 166,001 voluntary organisations in 2015/16, comparable to last year (165,801) and slightly less than in 2013/14 […]

Finance Overview

Highlights The sector’s total income increased by £1.6bn (4%) to £47.8bn in 2015/16. The increase in total income was largely due to the increase in income from individuals. 52% of the sector’s income comes from major and super-major organisations. The sector’s spending stood at £46.5bn accounting for 97% of total income. Spending on charitable activities […]

Income sources

  Overview Earned income accounts for over half of the sector’s total income Types of income Earned income totalled £24.8bn in 2015/16, accounting for over half (52%) of the sector’s total income in 2015/16. Voluntary income amounted to £19.6bn and investment income to £3.4bn. Sources of income The sector receives 79% of its funding from […]

Income from individuals

Highlights Individuals are the largest source of voluntary income, and account for almost half of the sector’s total income (£22.3bn out of £47.8bn). Earned income from individuals accounted for a quarter of the sector’s total income and over half of total income from individuals. Income from individuals continued to grow in 2015/16 and increased by […]

Income from government

Highlights The amount of income from government decreased slightly in 2015/16, after having increased over the previous two years. The proportion of total voluntary sector income coming from government has decreased, from 34% to 32%. Funding from central government has decreased while increasing for local government. The social services subsector continues to receive the largest […]

Grant making

Highlights Over 25,000 organisations spend money on making grants, representing 17% of the sector. The amount spent on grant making (£6.5bn) has remained stable since last year. The ten largest grant-makers account for 30% of all grants made. Super-major organisations spend the most on grants, both in monetary terms (£2.1bn) and as a proportion of […]