Executive summary

Sir Stuart Etherington Chief Executive, NCVO   Welcome to the NCVO UK Civil Society Almanac 2018, the essential resource for data, trends and insights on the sector. Whatever your reasons for reaching for this publication – whether you work for a charity, in finance, or are a researcher or a civil servant – I hope […]

Economic value

Highlights The voluntary sector contributed £15.3bn in 2015/16, representing around 0.8% of total GDP. The contribution of the voluntary sector has increased since 2014/15 and is now similar to the GDP of Estonia. The sector employs approximately 880,000 people in June 2017, also an increase from 2016. The value of formal volunteering was estimated at […]

Volunteering overview

Highlights 11.9 million people formally volunteered once a month in 2016/17. Levels of formal volunteering in 2016/17 stood at 37% for irregular volunteering and 22% for regular volunteering. For informal volunteering, 52% were volunteering irregularly and 27% of people volunteering regularly in 2016/17. It is very difficult to judge whether these levels have changed over […]

Volunteer Profiles

Highlights People aged 26-34 years old are the least likely to formally volunteer with only 15% volunteering once a month versus 22% overall. Women are slightly more likely to take part in any form of volunteering but informal volunteering in particular. People from higher socio-economic background and well-educated backgrounds are more likely to volunteer. Volunteering […]

Getting involved: How people make a difference

13/12/2017 In November we launched our publication Getting Involved: How people make a difference (pdf, 3.4MB), which is part of our Almanac series of publications that aim to improve understanding of civil society and inform current debates. Drawing on data from a wide range of sources and full of the latest statistics, this new publication […]