Executive summary

Sir Stuart Etherington Chief Executive, NCVO This 16th edition of the UK Civil Society Almanac is published in uncertain times. The decision to leave the European Union, a new government and wider global changes will fundamentally alter our country‚Äôs economic, political and social landscape. In the run-up to the 2017 general election, lively debates are […]

Fast Facts

Get the latest facts on voluntary sector organisations, workforce, charitable giving and volunteering.

Volunteer Profiles

Highlights There are no gender differences in rates of formal volunteering between men and women; however more women than men informally volunteered, both regularly and irregularly (see Volunteering overview for definitions) Women were considerably more likely to provide caring roles and men more likely to give advice and represent others 2015/16 data shows that the […]

Motivations and barriers to volunteering

Motivations for volunteering People give multiple reasons for volunteering Among those who had formally volunteered at least once in the last 12 months, the most frequent reasons given for volunteering were to improve things/help people (61%) and that the cause was considered important (39%). Less frequently mentioned reasons included: to get on in my career […]

Getting involved: How people make a difference

13/12/2017 In November we launched our publication Getting Involved: How people make a difference (pdf, 3.4MB), which is part of our Almanac series of publications that aim to improve understanding of civil society and inform current debates. Drawing on data from a wide range of sources and full of the latest statistics, this new publication […]