What is the almanac?


First published in 1996 as the UK Voluntary Sector Statistical Almanac, it gives a compelling overview of the voluntary sector’s scope and characteristics, including its finances, workforce, and volunteering. We also undertake analysis of long term trends in order to track how the sector is changing over time.


Principally, we estimate the size and scope of the UK voluntary sector using the financial accounts of registered charities – this core data has been collected jointly by NCVO and the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) for over 10 years. We also publish this periodically alongside an overview of the organisations that make up wider civil society using a variety of secondary data sources. Finally, we undertake analysis of existing data from the Cabinet Office’s Community Life Survey on volunteering, and from the Office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey on the sector’s workforce.


Through this website, anybody can access high quality digital versions of all the charts and graphs in the Almanac which can be downloaded and used to strengthen funding bids, presentations, plans and strategies. Members of NCVO can additionally download the publication as a pdf and access further analysis and comment. If you are an NCVO member just register and log into the site to access all this and more.


We undertake bespoke research based on our financial data for a range of voluntary sector organisations as well as public and private bodies.


NCVO is the largest membership body for the voluntary sector in England, supporting voluntary organisations (as well as social enterprises and CICs), from large national bodies to community groups working at a local level. NCVO believes its members and those with a stake in civil society need the best quality evidence base to help them inform policy and practice and plan for the future.


Can’t find what you’re interested in? Please contact the team at almanac@ncvo.org.uk and we will do our best to respond to your query.

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Published: 11-04-2016