UK Civil Society Almanac 2015

  • 160,000 voluntary organisations
  • £40.5 billion: voluntary sector income
  • 821,000: voluntary sector employees

Find out how cuts to government spending have affected the voluntary sector

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Volunteers are at the heart of the voluntary sector and civil society. An estimated 21 million people volunteer at least once a year in the UK.

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Our data tool allows you to explore data about the voluntary sector in selected areas.

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We specialise in providing actionable evidence for decision makers. Combining academic rigour with a practical focus, our analysis is underpinned by access to comprehensive data on the sector.

NCVO’s Charity Forecast is a quarterly poll of sector leaders available exclusively for NCVO members.

This site also hosts the Voluntary Sector Datastore - a directory of useful source of data on the voluntary sector.

Data on voluntary sector infrastructure. If you're an infrastructure body you can help keep the data up to date by making sure you're on our map.